Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is larger than hornbeam and has a great taste and the taste is the most delicious type of pistachio, and this kind of pistachio is the most pistachio type because of its good quality and is the most consumable type of pistachio nuts.

Pistachio akbari

This type of pistachio is very stretched and large, it is more stylized than Ahmad Aghaei but it is more expensive in the case of pistachios. It is handcrafted for popular nuts. And the pistachios are luxurious and majestic.

Pistachio Noodles

Fruit Pistachios This pistachio puddle is dumpling, dumpling and colorful. Its origin is from old pistachio gardens located in the Zarand area of Kerman. Most of the leaves are 5 leaflets. Early digits and very early cultivars can be harvested in the first half of August.

Pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts is the basis for the separation of smelly pistachios with non-woven, made by a pistachio machine. All types of pistachios include pistachios and smudges. Dew pistachios are made depending on the quality and type of the two types of processing on it, one that breaks it and clears it and the other to aquas.

Hazelnut pistachio

Pistachio hazelnut (and its tree) is known as one of the most famous Iranian pistachios in Iran. The weather conditions caused the spark and the discovery of this pistachio sample in one of the villages of Rafsanjan. This pistachio, also known as oohidi, is one of the mid-flowering varieties. The growth potential of these trees is moderate and has a large crown. The fruits of this tree are as small as a hazelnut.
The skin of its fresh fruit becomes dark when it reaches the purple color, which indicates its full handling. Fortunately, the transplant of this pistachio sample has been used in other cities to date, and its trees have been seated. It should be noted that this type of pistachio is cheaper than other samples. For those who are not willing to buy pistachios at the beginning, this type of pistachio is recommended. The number is one kilo more than other pistachios. As a result, it is more economical for nuts and has the largest volume for export.

Raspberry Pistachio

As its name suggests, pistachios are coarse and round and have a special taste, and because of its large size, it has a special effect and gives the nuts a beautiful appearance and appearance.


Recent studies from the Pennsylvania State University have found that eating a few pistachio nuts (which contains healthy and low-fat diets) results in a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol or bad blood cholesterol. Reducing bad cholesterol means keeping your body's arteries open, and performing a complete blood-sucking exercise.

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